OPW Internship: Fedora Badges


Yay! I have been accepted as an intern for Fedora working on Fedora Badges through the Outreach Program for Women. Originally I heard about the program through this blog post. I did a bit of research on the various projects and found that the work needed for Fedora Badges was perfectly suited to one of my favorite skill sets: inkscape + illustration  😀

According to the about page:

Fedora Badges is a fun website built to recognize contributors to the Fedora Project, help new and existing Fedora contributors find different ways to get involved, and encourage the improvement of Fedora’s infrastructure.

Once I learned more about the internship I immediately went to work on designing badges… with great success! With the assistance of the lovely folks in #fedora-design I have designed and received approval on six badges(which I will share momentarily :)). I am excited to be working on such a fun and creative project with such a helpful bunch of people.

The Fedora mentors and I have come up with a schedule for work flow during the internship. It will be divided into four three week sections:

  1. The first three week section will consist of as much badge illustration as possible.
  2. The second three week section will be focused on the creation of a first draft of badge artwork guidelines. I will also continue to work on badges as time allows.
  3. The third section will first focus on finalizing the badge artwork guidelines. Then I will begin to create a template for non-artists to use. I will also continue to work on badges as time allows.
  4. During the final three week section I will finalize the badge template and publish it to Fedora community. I will also work on badges as time allows.

I will write a bi-weekly blog post(or weekly if I can manage it), summarizing what I have learned and accomplished during the week. I plan to attach sneak previews or screenshots to these posts. At the end of each three week section I will do a larger summary blog post detailing my process, successes and failures. I will also post my badges and other designs I have created.

Now that I have outlined my plan, its time to share the best part: The designs that I have created!


Mirror Administrators


It Still Works!




Lets have a party!


Flock Presenter

And last but not least, my favorite


Flock Paparazzi

Hopefully you will be able to earn these soon on the Fedora Badges website!

This first round of badges has taught me a lot. I have set up accounts with Fedora Badges of course, and also Fedora Project, github, Colloquy, Gravatar, the gnome wiki, the badge tracker, wordpress and I have used a terminal to send my files to the web… For the first time =) I have also had a chance to get familiar with the look and feel of the badges and the different design elements that are commonly used.

I will be writing a post about this very soon but I want to encourage all you Fedora users reading this to help me out by contributing ideas for new badges and concepts for badges that already exist! I can make your badge dreams come to life 😉 (at least I can try). If you would like to get involved in Fedora Badges you can visit the badge tracker. If you want to submit a new badge idea, take a look at the new badge guide.


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